Debris Infinity

PEW! PEW! Welcome aboard Captain! Grab your Twin sticks and get ready to fly and shoot because mines and shapes of asteroids are coming at ya in Debris Infinity! This is a short and quick review, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

Debris Infinity is a Simple twin stick shooter with the same outlined art style like Geometry Wars. There are three modes to play with one or two players: Time trials, waves, and classic mode. All three modes are the same exact modes you would imagine: You try to get the highest score in a time limit, you try to see how many waves of enemies you can go through, and in Classic you try to fight off asteroids to get the highest score. The interesting thing this game has, are two special abilities for your ship: you get to slow down time to maneuver around, and also a giant nuke that wipes everything out in the field, perfect for those tight spots you get into. While these are awesome, there is a caveat to them; you can only use them so much. You have one bar that won’t replenish after its empty. The slow motion continuously drains the bar while the nuke ability drains about 15% of the bar every time you use. This makes you play strategic and think about your moves and specialties.

This game is really good and you can easily jump in and play a couple rounds throughout the day, I really have no problem at all with it. To even make it all better, there are online rankings that after each play it shows where you stand on your last play through against all time scorers. As an all around competitive person, this really makes me continue to come back and try to climb the charts and join the greats in this game. Overall this is a fantastic game that anyone who wants a game they can play with 10 minutes of downtime or just enjoy twin stick shooters, pick this up and I guarantee you won’t regret it.