Revolution to launch post-PS3?

TOKYO–During Nintendo’s shareholders meeting on Wednesday, company president Satoru Iwata disclosed that the Revolution’s launch might fall behind that of its rivals.

Iwata was quoted as saying: “There is no possibility that the Revolution’s launch will fall behind by too much, but there might be some small changes [in its release schedule].”

If Revolution does in fact launch after PS3, do you think it would significantly hurt its chances for success?

[Source: GameSpot]


  1. Nah.

  2. as long as there is hype for the system it will sell just like any other system, kinda like what happened to the deamcast when ps2 came out.

  3. There is probably no way it was gonna come out before PS3 anywayz, they have not released hardly any specs on it yet. All the other “next gen” systems had all the tech info atleast.

  4. Nah indeed…

  5. I don’t it will hurt….
    That we know the specs doesn’t mean anything about the release date.
    But that could mean, that the march thing was really fake 🙁
    My only problem is, that I want this console so badly, I don’t want to wait anymor 😉
    Btw we should keep in mind, that even Nintendo does not know when the PS3 is released….

  6. Many observers are saying that Rev will launch in the 2nd half of 2006.

    Personally, I think Nintendo will shoot for a Sept. 2006 release in Japan (giving GC a 5-year life there) followed by a US and European release.

    Which is hugely dissapointing to me – after all that talk about Satoru Iwata wanting to launch first.

    On the positive side though, Iwata IS slowly turning the Nintendo juggernaut around from Yamauchi’s legacy. ie the masterful worldwide launch of the DS, the GB Micro, the sleek look of Rev and actually treating Sony/MS as competitors this time rather than arrogantly assuming the market naturally belongs to them.

  7. I’m not sure this will matter so much. As anonymous pointed out the Dreamcast’s demise was largely due to Sony hyping the PS2, to which gamers replied “well wait”. If the Revolution did launch before the PS3 then people would wait for it anyway.

    Anybody who wants a Revolution is going to get one, regardless of its release date.

    To be honest I’m not surprised it may be last out of the gates. There’s still a lot of mystery as to the specs of the machine and indeed we don’t even have a controller yet!

    I’m looking forward to the R, and I’m certainly going to be at my local independent games store on the day its released handing over my hard earned. I just wish we had a release date to go on at all!

    I guess March 06 is out of the question now then?

  8. If they cannot launch before the PS3…from the buisness standpoint, they should launch a bit after the Ps3. They want to be all alone. We all know that the PS3 will be super hyped. That might push the cool technology that Nintendo is coming out with aside. But those are just my “business thoughts”. Heck, I want them to launch tommorrow!

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