Revolution to Get Official Name

It is widely believed that the Revolution will get an official name this Thursday during Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s speech. Joystiq writes: “According to CVG, there’s a strong whisper that the Revolution’s real name will finally be confirmed this week at GDC. Satoru Iwata’s disruptive GDC keynote [is] scheduled for Thursday at 10:30 AM PT (1:30 PM ET) to 11:30 AM PT.”

We’re not sure what will happen, but assuming the name changes, post your guesses below in the comment box. If one of our readers guesses correctly, they’ll be a special little treat waiting for you.


  1. I’m putting my meager amount of cash on the name being Nintendo Freestyle.

  2. I’m thinking they’ll either stick with the Rev or do something NES-related to create yet another link to those fun days in the 80’s.

  3. I’m sure they will keep “The Nintendo Revolution”. it works in so many ways!

  4. Im thinking it will probably stay as Revolution, if not, I believe it will be something like;

    The Nintendo Inventor (NIV)
    The Nintendo Innovation (NIN)
    The Nintendo Pioneer (NIP)
    The Nintendo Inception (NIC)
    The Nintendo Deviation (NID)

    Somewhere along those lines, but Im giving it a 75 percent chance that the name will start with the letter “I”.

  5. And to add to my above post, I also say it could be the ” Nintendo Deviate”.

  6. Perhaps anon is along the right lines.

    Wild guess off the top of my head –

    Nintendo Entertainment Device (NED)

  7. Yeah i’m with mo, i’m thinking ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ (Again!) or simply just ‘Nintendo’

  8. Maybe there’s a hint in the name of the presentation.

    Nintendo Destruction
    Nintendo Devistator
    Nintendo Distructive Revolution


    I bet it will be a cheesy name that will cause debates among fanboys for the next few months. It’s the sort of thing Nintendo would do (not on purpose they probably think it’s a fantastic name whatever it is).

  9. i believe they will name it nintendo revolution system..(rs ala ds)..

  10. Either Nintendo Freestyle (or FS), or Nintendo RS. Mark these down for the win.

  11. I think the name will be simple and memorable, so it will be easy to be recognized by the consumer. Something in the likes of “Playstation”, “GameCube”…

    I would say “Nintendo R”, in which R stands for Revolution or Remote.

  12. I’m go on an limb here and suggest something like: Nintendo Evolution System (NES).

  13. It’s funny to look at some of those History Of Nintendo articles and see that they chose “Nintendo Entertainment System” to avoid being labeled as a video game or another Atari. Now they want to be known as a game system and not an entertainment system.

    Re-naming the Revolution must be a daunting task. I feel like part of being disruptive is not being too obvious. Does ‘iPod’ really explain what the device does? If you told a person who never saw one that you bought a ‘DS’, would they really understand what the device is capable of based on its name?

    Based on that, I expect the name to be somewhat ambiguous (initials of some sort or a name along the lines of ‘Wavebird’) while evoking a sense of fun or interaction.

  14. They will be clever this time I think and go back to the days of the NES/SNES N64 was a rubbish name, GCN doesnt really shorten well and if they have any sense, they wont call it a NED. Anyone remember ROB – guess im probably one of the only people who actually got given one and thought, this is the biggest pile of turd ive ever played with, however being Nintendo they will no doubt ruin the whole Rev idea with a stupid name.

    RS or FS are good names as said above, however if they are clever they should stick with the DS style branding, over in the UK (who knows where you all lurk) the adult themed DS ads are excellent, they would do well to hurry up and get the lite version here as soon as possible because the DS case is so ugly compared to the PSP.

    Back on topic though…

    Nintendo Seven was a runour a while back, rubbish though.

    Nintendo N – as in the Big N

    Nintendo Gamewand – stupid kind of name they would come up with

    Nintendo Wafflegob – Another one of the above

    Nintendo System – NS – to go with DS

    Nintendo Home System – NHS – hopefully not as badly managed or funded (more bad brit gags coming watch this space)

    or we could just do what they normally do and get the thesaurus out…

    What comes after Super, Ultra, Gamecube, Gameboy, Advance, DS, Revolution? I would think that they will stick with something short akin to DS. Probably FS, HS, maybe not BS. If they were decent enough they would name it after the former president just because he actully told the people from MS to suck his little yellow balls, so maybe the Nintendo – Little Yellow Testicle.

    Sorry for spouting my drivel on here, i must still be drunk…

  15. or just keep with the Apple train of thought,

    iNes – Please send a cheque payable to Rowan the Ginger at the following address… many thanks!

  16. Nintendo Game System. They love the word “game” as most of their products have it in them. Something like that.

  17. What do we win if we guess the right name? Kotaku gives away phantom DS Lites like candy….

  18. Revolution…give me my treat damnit!

  19. They better stick to the Revolution name… It would be a huge marketing blunder to change it now!

    But if they do change it, my guess is something cheesy, to catch the Japanese consumer market:
    Super-Happy Awesome Gaming Electronic Machine”, or something on those lines.

  20. Nintendo Revolution System – N.R.S.

    Nintendo Entertainment System – N.E.S.

    Nintendo Intention

  21. The Nintendo.

  22. nintendo rebellion

  23. I like the sound of the Nintendo Freestyle as suggested above and think they should definitely go for something related to the controller. Other guesses:

    The Nintendo Dimension
    The Nintendo Reaction
    The Nintendo Kinesis

    But the best name would of course have to be the Nintendo Infendo =)

  24. Well, remember that they are going for a whole new market with this thing–all those moms and dads and girls and whoever that dont normally play games. So they might give it a name which is a bit less macho and a bit more un-macho.

    Im guessing the Nintendo “Tutti-Frutti”

  25. Since the XB 360 was named as to not be outdone by the PS”3″, I think the Revolution should just go by “Nintendo 5.” (sounds like a singing group, I know) It could serve to remind the young’uns that N’s been doing things right for 5 generations. It could also claim to be 5 demensional. Who wants to play 3d games when N will offer 5d games?!

  26. If Nintendo changes the Revolution’s name to something idiotic, I swear I will kill something. Revolution is a COOL name. It’s finally COOL. I don’t have to promote a purple box called the “Gamecube” (as much as I did love it) any more. THE NAME IS COOL, NINTENDO. IT MATCHES PERFECTLY WITH EVERYTHING THE SYSTEM IS TRYING TO PRESENT AND REPRESENT. Please…

    Please…no Nintendo FunMachine.
    No Nintendo GameTower.
    No Nintendo Glowliner.

    Just Nintendo Revolution.

    This is a fricking PLEA, dangit!

  27. It could be anything. Although the two-initial type guesses (RS/FS) are likely to be fairly on-the-money, especially considering the recent successes of the DS and SP.

    Hang on though…what if the name refers to one of these “secrets” we’ve yet to see. It makes sense. After all, why would they wait sooooo very long to give the thing a proper name, unless there was something within the name that spills the beans all over something they really don’t want beans spilt on yet?

    Although some speculate that these yet-to-be-revealed features are nothing more than perhaps a microphone built into the controller, this is just plain crazy. Why would they hold this reletively humdrum info back, but reveal all about the earth-shaking innovations of the controller?

    If this is true then it renders any guesses today generally pointless…

    …still, never mind, how about something like…

    Nintendo FR (Freestyle Revolution / Famicom Revolution)

    Nintendo FI (Freestyle Interface / Famicom Interactive)

    Nintendo RI (Revolutionary Interface)

    Nintendo IR (Interface Revolution)

  28. i think that since they are trying to bleed into the mass market they will look for something less ‘game-ish’ and more professional… maybe like:

    Nintendo Interactive System

  29. Nintendo One, since it’s plays games from all systems.

  30. You know? I think I was wrong: Nintendo GO does sound pretty good! Especially since “GO” means “five” in Japanese!

    So, I hope that if they do change the name, it is indeed “Nintendo GO”…

    (By the way, this is not my guess, it is a rumor I just heard on the internet!)

  31. Dolphin

    Remember that?

  32. I hope they dont do something silly afer the release of Nintendogs and call it NintenGo

  33. I think they will name it something crazy/intimidating like the GameTiger!!!! Or the Panther!~!! How bout GameShark?? Damnit!!! stupid copyright laws….
    Ooohh!!! the game fly!!

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