Revolution searched last after 360, PS3

You can learn a lot about people by what they are searching online. Hexus.gaming writes: “According to Yahoo searches, the Xbox 360 is searched for 11,895.1/day, the PS3 5,132.7/day, and the Nintendo Revolution 1,486.4/day. As the Xbox 360 is currently the only console on the market, it makes sense that they would be way out in front.”

Any insights as to why the Rev might be searched last? One might be that the term “Revolution” is ambiguous compared to the more proprietary PS3. 360 is too though. Regardless, ask me if I care.


  1. anybody intelligent enough to want a REVOLUTION doesn’t still use YAHOO!

    other companies, like GOOGLE, claim not to release their figures as willingly

  2. That must be because everybody knows Infendo, and they don’t need to look elsewhere to find revolution news… 🙂

  3. Hahaha, this last anonymous has a great point. No need for yahoo anyway.


  4. when few can afford the new xbox 360 and ps3 and the rev comes out fair priced we’ll see what majority rules… a lot of people want a psp… but strangely most only own a ds…

  5. I agree with Anon 11:35.

    The people who are constantly checking up on Rev news already know where to look by now. Infendo, Revolution Report, Revolution Fanboy…etc. At least we know that 1,486 people and a midget are becoming new Revolutionaries each day. Or at least are curious.

    And seriously, who uses Yahoo for search? The Revolution is a NEXT-GEN system. Maybe they should try a next-gen search engine. This does, however, explain the 360 and PS3’s larger numbers at Yahoo. Same games, same crappy ol’ Yahoo.

  6. I say we should all search nintendo or nintendo revolution or nintendo ds three times a day on yahoo… I’m a Nintendo Fan, and I want it getting more publicity…and I don’t care if that means tricking the system. I think if a 100 of us does it 3 times a day, thats 3000 right there.

  7. You seem to care if you made a news post about it. Seems someone’s a little bitter that their console is being searched last.

  8. if your talking about me, I am in no way bitter. I am just aware of Nintendo’s profile in the States. I just want to help raise awareness of Nintendo Revolution…help get rid of the “Nintendo is in last place position” anthem…because people tend to believe what they hear and just perpetuate the cycle. I just want to help break it. Sony viral marketing destroyed Nintendo’s image a while ago, now we need some positive marketing…HYPE.

  9. YankeeHKM: Uh, no. I was talking to the person who made the news post, obviously.

    And I fail to see how Sony “destroyed” Nintendo’s image. Nintendo’s image was destroyed the day they decided to stick with carts rather than go with the superior CD.

  10. RE: Annon 2:36

    The post was made bcoz it is a news site, and if they werent to post a news story just coz they didnt care about it, this site would not be considered that good for the latest Nintendo related news as theyd be skipping out all the stories they arent interested in.

  11. I don’t think it’s too surprizing, afterall 360 is having new games released and is out in the market, the PS3 has recently had announcements and Revolution has been relatively quiet news wise these last few months. Give it a few more months and things might be completely different.

  12. I would imagine the problem here is simply that no one would search for the term “Nintendo Revolution”, least of all on Yahoo. Most would either search for just “Nintendo” or “Revolution”, or not even need to use a search engine in the first place to find the info they need.

    I would imagine also that there’d be more searches for Revolution around the time when news is being released for the console. Sony just had some big news updates, but everyone knows Nintendo won’t be releasing any for a few more days at least yet.

  13. The short answer… few people bother searching about the Rev cuz as soon as nything significant is released EVERYONE will be hearing about it in all the game news sites and blogs.

    So no one searches about it because we all know no new info is out… yet.

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