Revolution Power Stand

In the introductory issue of Nintendo’s new European mag, the Official Nintendo Magazine, it was revealed that the dull little stand that’s been propping up the Revolution since last May doubles as a power supply. If you’re confused, you have good reason– what about those pics that show the power plug port on the Rev’s back? A good guess would be that the Rev’s “power stand” will only be used when the system is vertical. When horizontal, chances are you’ll have to plug in your power brick.

Either way, nice feature. Megaton!!11? No.


  1. why cant the bottom thingy be a Hard Drive…oh..wait a second….maybe.

  2. I don’t even believe this power supply base business. There doesn’t appear to be any actual connection between the main unit and the base. One of the main reasons external power supplies exist is to cut down on heat problems, which this wouldn’t. It seems very un-Nintendo to have two options for powering the system. Extra cords and everything, what a mess. And this whole magazine “scoop” was such a pile of crap, talking about how Resident Evil’s DS cart was 1GB and all this crap. These guys don’t know a damn thing.

  3. And no vents!!! Have you EVER seen a power supply with no vents!? And if the plug comes out the back, where does the f*ing fan go? This is bullshit.

  4. Oh wait, I just realized… THERE IS NO BACK! this is stupid

  5. Unless, of course, this isn’t the final base design.

  6. You don’t seem to understand… this is the Official Nintendo Magazine for Europe. I don’t see how it is true, but I trust the source. Ever seen an electric toothbrush with a base that recharges it? Perhaps this will work on the same principle. Perhaps the Revolution will have a battery.

  7. I don’t know or care if this is true or not (although I’m kinda slow to doubt the OFFICIAL NINTENDO MAGAZINE :P), but I think we can all agree that the white Rev is looking sexier than ever.

  8. If I had to guess, I’d say that the base is a rechargeable battery that wopuld provide a few hours of gameplay and would work in much the same way that a laptop battery would work. If it is a attery, the next question is why? Batteries that compact would only be useful for portable devices, not home consoles that typically stay in one part of the house. If the Rev’s small size and battery pack are meant for portability, then what is being ported around? Surely, not gameplay cause you’d need a tv for that. I’ve read through the projector theories, but Nintendo implemnting that technology would drastically increase the price of the machine or, even worse, cause Nintendo to have to subsidize each unit much like Microsoft has with the 360. Perhaps all of Miyamoto’s and Reggie’s hyperbole will be more than just that come this May.

  9. Albo said…

    “And no vents!!! Have you EVER seen a power supply with no vents!?”

    Yeah, there’s one on my GameCube.

    Regarding the connection of the power base to the unit could be of a similar technology as Apple is using in their new MacBook Pro laptops. They have a magnet that holds the connection in place now:

  10. GENIUS.

    This puts the X360 powersource to shame.
    It mocks it.

  11. Yeah yeah yeah


    All good points, especially sticking it to me with the GC power supply, Mr.Invisible.

    But am I the only one that thinks something fishy is going on here? A rechargeable battery, for crying out loud? No way! Something’s not right, and you’ll have to excuse me for blaming the magazine that, official or not, had some of the worst games reporting I’ve read in a long time with obvious fact errors that would be caught by anyone that knew what the crap they were talking about.

  12. Waitaminnut, MY Gamecube power supply has vents! What’s the deal?

  13. “You don’t seem to understand… this is the Official Nintendo Magazine for Europe”

    You do remember a month ago when the head of Nintendo Europe said there were no current update plans for the DS, do you?

    Nintendo Europe doesn’t do much more than take what NCL gives them and localize it for the European markets. They are not in the loop- let alone the Official Magazine.

    File this under the left hand don’t know what the right hand is doing.

  14. Albo said…
    Waitaminnut, MY Gamecube power supply has vents! What’s the deal?

    Does it actually have vents or just looks like it? Mine looks like has vents, but they are in fact solid “waffle” indents.

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