Revolution-Like Microsoft Controller?

Microsoft has a research article on what they call the XWand. It looks vagly similar to the new Revolution controller and has some of the same technology. This page is over a year old though and I don’t think Microsoft was/is developing it for gaming technology, but who knows.

Have any seen this before?

[Source: Microsoft]


  1. I think that is the most ugly piece of technology ever put on this earth. And if this implies that nintendo is copying them then that is awesome payback. I read on ign where all the people trying the new 360 controller were like yeah this is the best controller ever, even though there is nothing creative or dare
    i say revolutionary about it. Plus at least nintendos controller makes you want to have it, this controller makes you wish it had never been created.

  2. Yo Raven Hero 23, Its not for The Xbox 360!!! It is a very early device! Dont be stupid! Oh and I have used BOTH the Xbox 360 controller and the Nintendo Revolution Controller. Xbox wins! I have a normal size hand and felt cramps after 15 minuets with the Nintendo controller!!!

  3. You have used the Revs controller ?!?
    Sorry, that doesn’t sound believable..
    Though you’re right, the shown thingy is just a very very early prototype..
    MS tried to do something similar with a special Sidewinder gamepad too, but it didn’t work that well, becaus it only used gyroscopes….

  4. duh you neanderthalic pipsqueek, I know that’s not for 360 and if you can read correctly, I stated ign’s opionion on the x360 controller so obviously i know
    that this ugly stick wand is not for the 360, and who the hell are you to be able to try out both controllers?

  5. A liar.

  6. Budd is full off Budd Shit.

  7. i think the revoution controller is nice for everyone. If you got giant hands you probably should be playing professional sports instead of sitting on a couch talking about not yet released videogames. giant nerd.

  8. and besides, From what i heard, about 20 people outside nintendo have touched the controller, and most of them have a bigshot name in the media. unless you are a big budget developer, which also have seen sony & microsft’s products, you’re pretty much full of hotair…

  9. budd, are you Bill Gates?

  10. Hi guys, I just got back from the International Space Station, where I was living free of charge because I know Budd. He’s got great connections, which is how he got allllll the way over to Tokyo and inside the exclusive press only demos of the Revolution controller.

    Budd, I think I may believe that you have cramps in your hand, but it’s not from handling a Revo controller.

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