Revolution Controller in 3D

IGN has posted a java applet that lets you zoom, tilt, and pan around the Revolution controller in all its glory. Whether you’re curious about how many pins are in the extention port or just trying to find the alluded secret functionality, the 3D applet is fun to whirl away with.

In additon, IGN talks at legnth about all the known details of the controller. It’s well worth the read.


  1. *drooling to unusual excess*

  2. I found this on the net and made one myself

    it’s a paper revolution controller for us to touch, feel and wave around the air.

  3. that’s awesome!

  4. Having give this a little twirl, it’s a brilliant little piece of Java! My congratulations on the IGN Nintendo department on being a cut above the rest. They’re coming out with all these mock ups and goodies while the other IGN departments seem quite boring.

    Here’s a little tip, right click and you can change the language or swap between different measuring units. After dragging out some measurements, the controller is surprisingly small at only 13 cm! I hope they change that shade of grey though, looked better in the picture.

  5. Sorry, this controller still sucks. No matter how much they try to over hype it.

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