Revolution Controller Complaints: Part II

It’s been a month and a half since Nintendo unveiled the Revolution controller. While the majority is very enthused and optimistic about its unique features, some are still concerned with the console’s ability to deliver traditional control schemes.

How will I still play Madden? Does the remote have enough face buttons? What about multiplatform titles? All great questions, but the answer is simple and doesn’t include extensions. The Revolution comes standard with (4) GameCube controller ports (see below image). Sony and Microsoft opted for traditional controllers on their upcoming systems. But so did Nintendo if not indirectly via the lovely GCN controller.

Developers could easily design games using the GCN controller, though the big N would obviously discourage against it. Even better, games could allow the user to select “Free Style” or “Traditional” controls the way many games today do for varied button configurations.

There is one dilemma with this realization; Nintendo is trying to be forward thinking in how games are played so resorting to use the GameCube controller ports might discourage from that. But it would accommodate to cross platform and classic 6+ button games. Furthermore, the company’s inclusion of GameCube controller ports allow for a phased approach in how we start to play games differently. Revolution with baby steps. Seems like Nintendo did cover all the angles…

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  1. Lest we not forget that weird gamecube lookin’ controller add on that you are supposed to be able to stick the revolution controller into. That way you can have your madden and shake it around too.

  2. Also, i think the whole “use the GameCube controller” idea is just a presumption from fans. To my knowledge, Nintendo hasn’t sed anything about being able to use them for Revolution games. And if they were, they would probably prefer you use the shell thing instead since it’s wireless and like DJ sed, shakeable.

  3. Nintendo may prefer the use of the shell attachment, but most people would rather have the ability to use the up to 4 Gamecube controllers they already bought.

  4. Not without the motion sensors they won’t. Neither will Nintendo. I don’t even think the Cube controllers can be used for Rev games.

  5. Don’t forget there will be a traditional controller shell for the Revo remote.

  6. Did anyone notice they mentioned nothing about that feature during TGS? They also mentioned the controller shell and something tells me maybe they’ll choose to use that over GC controller ports (perhaps for cost issues). Though enabling the use of the GC controller would be nice too.

    If Nintendo does work on a shell and removes the GC controller ports, lets hope it has a nicer Z-button and maybe even an additional button on the other side for a fuller compatibility with 3rd party games (which is part of the point of having the shell). Also, seeing as how they mentioned full compatibility from NES-to-GC games, maybe this shell will look a lot more like the Xbox and PS controllers in terms of button count because it will once again have start and select (since the Nes and SNES made use of those buttons).

  7. I recall reading in an interview shortly after TGS that you could only use the ‘Cube controller for ‘Cube games.

  8. It doesn’t make sense to me that you would only be able to use a GC controller for GC games. The ports are there; they work with games (GC at least), why wouldn’t you be able to use them for anything? It would seem to me that they would have to deliberately disable them.

    I think they still have a lot to reveal about the system, and they may well decide to drop the GC ports but I doubt it.

  9. look how severely the open top of the console detracts from the stunning design. even indirectly, nintendo is discouraging the use of the comfortable, yet cartoony gamecube controller.

  10. There’s even money on the classic shell coming with the controller, anyway. I agree, Nintendo will dissuede people from developing with the shell, but only to a certain degree. I don’t think Nintendo’s looking for carryovers or ports, except for the most popular “classic style” games, i.e. Madden, as that’s a business necessity. Otherwise, I don’t think Nintendo’s interested in carrying over every lame-ass unoriginal dime-a-dozen game from this generation. I think the classic shell is more necessary to enable all-access-gaming. I would expect a more flexible design than a gamecube carbon copy, so as to have one that easily facilitates NES/SNES/N64 play.

  11. I really dont see the point to the GC ports other than the memory card slots. If their real plan was to make money they would want people to buy more shells for their remotes to play GC games. and the NES could use the remote sideways theorteticaly. The best bet is those ports are for backwards compatability and thats it.
    But honestly I think the shell may have the real intention to be used with games that it may be almost impossible to use with the remote. ie: Smash Brothers Revolution.
    But maybe I just cant imagine how you could play it with it.

    Either way they choose to go im friggin getting it.

  12. I’m still surprised that people are forgetting the controller shell thats going to come out. Let’s not forget about that, very important. This will allow for traditional gameplay as well.

  13. Personally, I hope they do remove the four GC controller ports and even the GC mem card slots from the top.

    It just doesn’t feel right having a flap opening on that sleek wireless box, not to mention dangling wires. It would ruin the look.

    I’d suggest one SD card slot and one GC mem card slot (allowing data transfer between the two) built inside the front flap.

    The GC controller (though supremely comfortable to hold) is a bit of a mess. 2 kidney shaped face buttons, a small round ‘B’ button (last minute alteration) and that blasted Z button not to mention those analog triggers which just don’t feel right (never mind hardly ever being used).

    Perhaps Nintendo could make Rev compatible with the Wavebird?

  14. that ign mockup shell is so linear. there is no use for it. either use 3d space or don’t.

    the gc ports will work in that regard and why wouldnt developers be able to use them?

  15. I feel they (Nintendo) should eliminate the controler ports…

    Why… Because they should use the WaveBird instead of the regular GC controlers… eliminating the flaps… leaving the memoricard slots expose like the GC…

    Maybe they could leave a smal flap about the size of the one they have now for the memory cards for the selections of the diferent WaveBird’s frequencies (four dials…) or even better, no flaps at all (also no dials) and allow the selection of the frequencies thrue a menu on screen…

    That way they could simplifie the assambly of the units… and avoid adding breakable parts!


  16. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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