Revolution Controller Complaints: Part II

It’s been a month and a half since Nintendo unveiled the Revolution controller. While the majority is very enthused and optimistic about its unique features, some are still concerned with the console’s ability to deliver traditional control schemes.

How will I still play Madden? Does the remote have enough face buttons? What about multiplatform titles? All great questions, but the answer is simple and doesn’t include extensions. The Revolution comes standard with (4) GameCube controller ports (see below image). Sony and Microsoft opted for traditional controllers on their upcoming systems. But so did Nintendo if not indirectly via the lovely GCN controller.

Developers could easily design games using the GCN controller, though the big N would obviously discourage against it. Even better, games could allow the user to select “Free Style” or “Traditional” controls the way many games today do for varied button configurations.

There is one dilemma with this realization; Nintendo is trying to be forward thinking in how games are played so resorting to use the GameCube controller ports might discourage from that. But it would accommodate to cross platform and classic 6+ button games. Furthermore, the company’s inclusion of GameCube controller ports allow for a phased approach in how we start to play games differently. Revolution with baby steps. Seems like Nintendo did cover all the angles…

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