Revolution a la Tilt?

Gamer Lounge is saying that Nintendo’s Revolution controller “will provide resistance to being tilted. No doubt this is done by some application of a tilt sensor such as the one in WarioWare: Twisted combined with rumble technology.”

I don’t know what there source is but this could definitely be a possibility. What do you think?

[Source: Gamer Lounge]


  1. This is the latest rumor going around the net. It takes quotes from different sources to build an information-less “new” quote. Nothing new.


  2. Yeah these guys are just re-hashing stuff we’ve seen posted the last week.

    Now while I think having tilt feedback is cool.. is it really revolutionary? Seems more like an evolution of force-feedback than anything.

    If this is the sole-revolutionary factor Nintendo has been going on about for over a year I think it would be a bit of a let down.

    A cool feature, but I hardly see it being something that will a) draw people away from Xbox/PS3 and b) encourage millions of non-gamers to suddenly want to play games (something Nintendo keeps telling us they want).

    Holding out hope for something totally incredible…


  3. I think that feature would be nice, but of course only combined with the gyro/tilt sensor stuff…
    You’ll look strange waving your controller(s) through the air and trying to push against an invisible force, but it’d be fun 😀

  4. Not as strange as shouting commands in Nintendogs. :oP

  5. You probably have to do that at the same time 😉

  6. How about rocking the controller side to side to run and lifting it up quickly to jump?

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