Review: Mario Kart DS

[Update: Slashdot gives Mario Kart DS a 10/10]

Wired, as we, like what they see and play with Nintendo’s new Mario Kart DS. From the article: “Mario Kart DS is easily the killer app for Nintendo’s double-screened portable. Not only is the eight-player battle-racing action as tight as ever, but a host of new gameplay modes — including online races — make this the most attractive entry in the series yet.”

It’s good to play together.

[Source: Wired]


  1. I think MKDS is probably the first instance where a piece of software was able to turn a competing system into a useless brick with its own superior gameplay and without so much as interfacing with it physcially at all.

    How else do you explain the lack of PSP news since the “killer app” GTA:LCS was released in October?

    PSP: I play movies.. sort of!

  2. People are making such a big deal about Xbox 360 being “the hot gadget” this christmas but is just like the PSP, a powerhouse without any software to justify the outrageous price or unessary processing power.

    The real “hot gadget” for xmas is a Nintendo DS with Nintendogs and Mario Kart.

    If you think the DS is a gimmick then Nintendo must be running the biggest scandal in gaming history! 😉

  3. People are finally getting the picture that the DS is where it’s at. From what I understand, DS is outselling PSP in all three regions (NA, Japan, and Europe), and for darn good reason.

    And Xbox 360… what a joke. I agree with you, elemenoh… there is nothing to justify the high price of the system, controllers and games. It’s nothing but an upgrade for those who have to have the “latest and greatest” with no actual innovation or any compelling software. Oh but OMFG it can display pictures and play movies (just like my computer), alert the media.

  4. The only reason I’d ever put my hands on an Xbox360 is if Resident Evil 5 isn’t confirmed for Revolution, but, even then, I probably wouldn’t touch it.

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