Review: Brain Age (DS)

Hey Infendo readers! I’m sure some of you have probably noticed my extended absence in recent weeks, but due to some other things in my life, gaming has had to take a back seat. However, my good friends at Nintendo have sent me an advance copy of Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Here are some quick thoughts on the title for those who have their doubts. Enjoy!

Video games are about having fun, getting away from the real world, and simply enjoying yourself. Most people would agree: math, reading and other educational activities are rarely fun. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day shatters that mold. Using simple, brain stimulating exercises, Brain Age finds ways to make normally tedious tasks, into an experience that everyone can enjoy. The game isn’t one to be played for hours at a time- but for a few minutes a day. At the end of each session with the game, the gamer can really feel the blood pumping through his or her head.

In-game charts make tracking mental progress easy, and the different exercises make use of all of the DS?s features. Also onboard is an interesting multiplayer mode. Instead of racing, fighting or other traditional multiplayer games, opponents go head to head solving math problems as quickly as possible. Doesn?t sound like tons of fun at first, but it quickly becomes addicting. Brain Age also features a large collection of sudoku puzzles, so for those who haven?t joined the craze yet, this is a good chance to do so.

All of this may sound like a school day crammed into a DS cartridge, but those who give Brain Age a chance will find it to be so much more. Finally an educational reason to game, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day will change the way the world thinks of gaming, one brain at a time.