Review: Battalion Wars (GC)

Ever since hiting North America, the “Wars” series has come to be known for its phenomenal turn-based strategy setup. However, fans of the GBA and DS games searching for that design will be disappointed to find it’s nowhere to be found in Battalion Wars. The series has taken the huge jump from handheld strategy, to become a real time action game. Though Battalion Wars strays from the gameplay North American gamers have grown to love, the “Wars” magic is still fully in tact. The completely new story finds the Western Frontier at edge with the neighboring Tundran army. When the Tundrans attack, it’s up to the player to help led the Frontier to victory. The twists and turns roll from there, keeping one fairly hooked, though the story had potential to be much stronger.

During gameplay, the gamer controls one, nameless unit in the Frontier army. As the game progresses, more units become available, ranging from bazooka wielding infantry, to tanks, to fighters and bombers. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and by using the C-Stick, it’s very easy to switch control to your unit of choice. Simple commands can be given to CPU controlled soldiers, such a “hold” and “attack.”

The game only has one main campaign mode, which unfortunately, is fairly short. A few bonus missions can be unlocked adding a little time to the game. At the end of each mission, a ranking is given, so the desire to achieve a better ranking may add to the total replay value of the game.

All in all, Battalion Wars finds itself as one of the stronger games in the Gamecube lineup. Though it falls short in length, the experience is strong while it lasts, and is a welcome addition to any GCN collection.

[Reviewed by FireEmblem54]


  1. Sounds like fun 😉 A bit like Battlefield 1942/Vietnam/2 single player 😉
    A Battalion Wars Revolution with online support could be a monster hit!
    But imho that game doesn’t look too interesting..
    Nice review though.

  2. There’s apeculation based on the developer’s (Kuju) own words that they are working on a Rev title, possibly a sequel to this.

  3. Speculation* rather.

  4. Welcome addition to a toilet maybe, i hear they’re used to terds.

  5. What do you mean by that??

  6. I called the game a terd

  7. Oh….way too use context 😐

    I doubt youve played it for a good while

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