Return of the Nintendo DS redesign

[Source: DS Fanboy]


  1. Is this real or fake?

  2. Fake. Clearly.
    I think it’s got too many folding and moving bits for a Nintendo console. Too much room for the thing breaking.

  3. Man I think its just going to be glossy and more slick…no “Major” redesign. Also a brighter screen.

  4. I dunno. That mock up above is pretty sick man. I would definately trade in my DS for the DS2, beacuse I mean dang!

    Still, you’re right about the “too much room for…breaking thing”, however, Nintendo has been known to produce the most durable gaming equipment known to man.

    They could just pull off something like that.

  5. It does look cool but obviously fake. DS2 would send out the wrong idea of it being the next-gen DS.

  6. First off, that mock up is quite pretty. But, it’s a dream.

    A DS redesign is completely distracting right now. I see no reason to up the ante on the DS [except for upping the screen quality to match that of the Micro or new SP] other than that – what is it that they feel needs updating? It’s got to be more than firmware…

    And what of the GameBoy line itself?

  7. As far as GameBoy redesigns are concerned, I don’t think you can top the micro

  8. I wish that they moved the dpad and buttons up a bit. Now, it’s a bit of a thumb killer.

  9. No1 seems to care that the analogue, dpad and all buttons will be fully exposed when the unit is folded.

    Nice effort, but for the reasons above, I would NEVER buy that redesign – it completely defeats the purpose of a clamshell design.

  10. For the redesign, I don’t think they’ll go as far as a “DS Advance”, adding new functionality (VOIP, analog control). It will just be a cleaned-up and prettied-up DS with all the same features the current model has. It probably won’t be enough to get current DS owners to buy another new one. Then again the GBA SP made you drool even if you already owned the original GBA.

  11. I also read on igN that nintendo isn’t going to announce a new ds right now. I’M PRETTY SURE THIS WILL COME IN MAY.

  12. I would not consider a fanboy’s mock up as a fake cus it’s a fan mock up, besides it’s pretty obvious that anything shown will not be real until Nintendo does announce it.

    Anyway as for this, I think it’s a pretty good mock up to look at, but not the best design for long term use as it feels a bit fiddly.

  13. Looks a little uncomfortable, but I’ll have to try it out first. *shrugs*

  14. Seems to me everyone is only focusing on the hardware. The DS is the first Nintendo handheld system that has aplications built into it. I wonder if they will update or flush out those aplications. Save appointments in calander anyone? Pico chat over wifi? DS modifiable blog like personal nintendo user page? There are so many little apps they could include on it. Look at what Sony is doing to the PSP with firmware updates. Mabie thats why this reversion seems to be coming out a little early.

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