Retro Profile: Metroid Zero Mission (GBA)

Wanna access a great game and don’t have a DS with Nintendogs? Fear not, I hereby present the inaugural retro game profile: Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA). This game is retro in every sense of the word, only it’s updated in a wickedly good way.

Zero Mission was a re-release with upgraded graphics of Nintendo’s 1986 classic, Metroid on the NES. In addition to remixed graphics, it does add a few new things like a map that makes the game a ton easier, but it holds very true to the original level design. The game is done in such a good way that you just wish Ninny would do the same thing with Zelda. The visuals are outstanding with vibrant colors that fit spaceworld perfectly.

The game features the classic “upgrade gameplay” Metroid is known for, if not even invented. It’s amazing that after nearly 20 years, this play style is still as fun as ever and again makes for my case to hope Nintendo keeps releasing new games on the Revolution with classic play mechanics.

Play or Stay? Play for sure. This might be even better than Fusion. If you own a GBA play it. It’s a little on the short side (did i just say that?) but that’s only because the game is so fun. If you don’t own a GBA….err, you should go pick one up for a cool $79 or splurge on a Micro.

(Was that more or less what you were looking for?)