Reggie talks industry expansion in Montreal

I like Nintendo President Reggie File-Aimes. He reminds me of a wealthier, more popular version of myself. And we’ve both killed things with our bare hands, so there’s that too.

Today, at the Montreal International Game Summit, Reggie — ironically enough after yesterday’s posts — talked about the narrow path the game industry now walks, and how he’d like to see it expanded. “Everyone loves a game, so why isn’t everyone playing videogames?” he asked.

Great question Reggie. It’s one, given the recent events at Infendo (which are apparently spreading across the various tubes of the Internets as well), that I now ask Infendo readers.

If everyone appreciates a good game now and then, why isn’t eveyone playing video games?


  1. Because most people have more important things to do then play video games. A decent session has to be over an hour. Well it does depend on the game you’re playing. Sims and the like are nice pick up and plays.

    Wake up at 7
    Go to work until 4-5

    With that setup you only have 5 to 7 hours to play video games. Then you have to factor in stuff you have to do around the house. Then if you have a wife/kids it’s even less time for video games.

    Of course this doesn’t apply to those unemployed.

  2. I’ll tell you why. Monopoly costs $20.

  3. Good point lindsey.

    But, is price the only barrier? I also happen to think that it is, but is that all there is to it?

  4. because Rollin touches himself at night

  5. not everybody loves video games, and not everybody is a hard core geek like we are

    sorry, there i said it.

  6. nicely put, ryro

  7. Well, video games are not for everyone. But I think that will sort of change real soon.

    I think a lot of older people dont play video games because they take themselves too seriously. That’s kind of how my parents are. Though they are really excited about Wii bowling and my dad plans on buying his own Wiimote. So I guess it’s kind of a good example.

    But I know I’m playing video games. I plan on going to school for game art and design, so I think I’ll always be playing video games.

  8. Simple.

    Losing isn’t fun.

    Most people I know (for example my girlfriend) have some interest in games occasionally. Heck, even my dad gave Soul Calibur 2 a try once and actually beat me once. But games have gotten quite complicated and it’s hard for a novice to compete against the experienced gamer, so they usually lose… a lot, and then they get bored cuz it’s not challenging or fun.

    If the Wii can truly level the playing field, or at least allow for games where one doesn’t need awesome reflexes and coordination (or at least one that’s intuitive as the Wii promises to do), you’ll find more and more people playing. Keeping things simple and easy to understand can make games fun for a lot more people, like the DS has begun to do, the Wii should definitely follow through.

    If you can keep novices hooked by having them win from time to time instead of always loing cuz they don’t game much, THEN you’ll have more people who play games. It ain’t rocket science, but it’s easier said than done.

  9. Liraco, that’s definately a good point I didn’t even think of. ^_^

    I think with something simple like Wii Sports, WarioWare, and a few others, the playing field will be more level. Like I said above, my parents (definately not gamers) are interested because the method looks so much more simple. It looks like they have a chance at finally beating me in a video game.

    But it’s safe to assume that the average consumer doesn’t really want to play Twilight Princess. It’s going to be long, difficult, and complex (all in a good way, but only if your’e a gamer). A must own…for geeks like you and me. Not for the parents.

  10. geeks

  11. Yep, and very proud of it.

  12. Shows like Lost and Heroes are the most popular shows on TV right now. It’s cool to be a geek. I am one.

  13. Shinn and Liraco together make a good point: the reason is that games now demand a big investment from the player, and not just monetary, but more about time. Even many GBA games had gotten so deep it will take you 30+ hours to finish one of the basic storylines!

    As a father and a professional, this has gotten way out of hand: I am a game junky, but I must confess that when the Wii comes along, I will carefuly choose and purchase only ONE game, and stick to it until I finish it… in six months or so…

  14. Because a lot of people down play TV and games, TV bad for the eyes etc. There are a tone of other things on TV, (I personally dont watch much TV.) I dont know its a new way of playing and a new marketing angle. I see more and more older people taking interest and its positive. There may be many reasons but it seems like Nintendo has managed to discover some of them.

    10 more days till Wii…almost 9 OMG AHHH!!!!
    its like waiting for Christmas..x1000

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