Red Steel earns its black belt

The Official Nintendo Magazine, which duped us all with a overblown embargoed cover tease last month, might be clawing its way back to at least the middle tier of respectability with its hands-on look at Red Steel. The mag is subscription only, but Wii Fanboy has a few bullet points from the magazine’s recent experience with one of the most anticipated FPS’s for the Wii launch.

  • The controls of the game felt vastly improved, thanks to software tweaks by Ubisoft and the final remote/sensor bar hardware from Nintendo.
  • The player is able to gesture toward defeated enemies to direct their movements.
  • The graphics have also undergone improvements of epic proportions. The excessive hyperbole involves “forgetting everything you’ve seen” and the visuals are compared to a prettier version of Resident Evil 4. Which is really damn pretty.
  • Apparently, the fire effects look really effin’ good.

With Call of Duty 3 getting the jaggy treatment, this FPS may be the one that sets the bar for the Wii (and maybe for FPS controls from here on out).