Red Steel 2 coming March 26 (23 for you lucky Yanks!)

redsteel2Ubisoft, via the latest trailer for the sequel to their Wii launch title, has revealed that Red Steel 2 will be dropping stateside on March 23, whilst us across the pond will have to twiddle our thumbs for another 72 hours.

I’ve no idea about the rest of you but I’m actually quite excited for Red Steel 2.  I know the first game wasn’t exactly incredible but I thought it was a solid launch title and whilst it’s mainly been collecting dust since I picked up Medal of Honour Heroes 2 and later, The Conduit, I still got a decent amount of enjoyment out of the shooter.  The promise of Motion+ swordplay combined with some of the best visuals my eyes have had the pleasure of gazing upon on the Wii (which kind of remind me of XIII) has me seriously considering picking it up on launch.  Check out the trailer after the break.