Publishers wary of creating Wii titles due to poor third-party perception has the scoop: “Big publishers have been wary of creating new titles for the Nintendo Wii due to the perception that first-party titles are better supported than third-party games, says Brian Dreyer, business development manager for Frontline Studios. The trepidation of companies to support the console and its motion sensitive controller has left a gap in the market that independent studios have been wise to exploit, claims Dreyer.”

Could Wii be plagued yet again with lackluster third-party support? Its looking okay for the time being, and surely Wii’s recent success indicates more developers are likely to jump on board. But you can’t deny publishers’ trepidation in going up against stellar first-party Nintendo titles. That’s always been Nintendo’s double edge sword; they make great games, so good ,in fact, they can cannibalize the sales of needed third-party games.