Predictions: What will 2007 bring for Nintendo?

I believe 2006 was one of the best years Nintendo has had in a long time. The DS really hit its stride solidifying itself as the portable platform to own (and maybe the system to own), Wii launched (it really works!) and was well received by just about everyone, and the GBA continued to sell very well.

So was last year just a sign of things to come? Is Nintendo just starting to gain home console momentum hot of their DS success? In 2007, I’m betting Wii will surpass total sales of Xbox 360 and the DS will have its best year yet in terms of units sold and hit games being released. Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy will blow minds, and we’ll see a ton of sleeper hits peppered throughout the year for both Wii and DS. Sadly, I feel Wii’s online system will launch to much criticism not realizing its full potential. It will work, but just not as friendly as I hope it to be. So what do you predict for Nintendo in 2007?