Popular Squaresoft Character Ripped off in Anime/DS Game

Konami’s upcoming DS game “MarHeaven Märchen Awakens Romance: Caldea’s Evil Demon” is based off of an Anime that features a character who looks strikingly similar to a popular Squaresoft character from the game “Final Fantasy VII.” All illustration bashing aside, the game is being touted as a Ärm Touch RPG, which is explained by a Japanese Nintendo site as an RPG where you can control your character’s magic item (called an ärm) with touch input. The site goes on to explain that the whole game can be controlled intuitively with touch commands. Someone who’s actually seen the anime or played either of the previous MarHeaven games (PS2 and GBA) will probably be able to explain the concept of ärm better in the comments secion. I hope. Oh yeah- the game is coming out on March 30th in Japan and Dutch (I