Popular Squaresoft Character Ripped off in Anime/DS Game

Konami’s upcoming DS game “MarHeaven Märchen Awakens Romance: Caldea’s Evil Demon” is based off of an Anime that features a character who looks strikingly similar to a popular Squaresoft character from the game “Final Fantasy VII.” All illustration bashing aside, the game is being touted as a Ärm Touch RPG, which is explained by a Japanese Nintendo site as an RPG where you can control your character’s magic item (called an ärm) with touch input. The site goes on to explain that the whole game can be controlled intuitively with touch commands. Someone who’s actually seen the anime or played either of the previous MarHeaven games (PS2 and GBA) will probably be able to explain the concept of ärm better in the comments secion. I hope. Oh yeah- the game is coming out on March 30th in Japan and Dutch (I


  1. How the hell is this a big deal? I mean, when was the last time you saw a character in an anime that didn’t look just like a character in another anime?

  2. Saying he’s a rip off of Cloud is ridiclous. You might as well then claim Cloud is a rip off of Akira Toriyama designs. But that would be stupid, too, because spiky hair isn’t something that’s new or original.

    Big deal.

  3. Haha, Netherlandish. It is Dutch alright, and I wont translate it, cause its so overly simple. Looks good..

  4. I must also agree that this character is hardly a rip off. The information in this post was good but the title and suggestion that its a Cloud rip off is too generalized. The kid from the MarHaven game looks like an 80’s rock icon to me.

  5. It’s true that Ginta Toramizu looks like Cloud Strife, but square enix did not sue noboyuki anzai, the original story author of MAR so…

    nvm… too bad that thi game was not imported

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