Pokemon Center Release Incites Rare Download


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If you’ve ever felt a lack of easy-to-obtain Pokemon merchandise in the U.S., you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo’s Pokemon Center website has been launched in full as of today. The site brings you the very best, like no one ever has, including items such as plushies, T-shirts, iPhone cases, and even Trading Card Game product. The prices range from fair to somewhat expensive ($39.95 for a Mega Charizard Polo T-shirt?!), but you can bet that this is some of the most quality Pokemon merch we’ve seen in a long time. The site will also updated with new items as time goes on.

pokeball vivillon

Additionally, in celebration of the release, those of you with the North America versions of Pokemon X and Y can now download the rare Pokeball-pattern Vivillon via the Mystery Gift feature. This offer ends on August 12th, however, so act fast.


What will you be buying from the Pokemon Center?



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