Playing Tips Catchup

Today was a record tip day so here’s the best of the best coming from our in-field reporters:

Best Buy Dates November Zelda Launch (Thanks, Kannon)
Revolution News Coming (Thanks, Marten)
Apple-Nintendo Synergy (Thanks, Anthony)
Revolution in Summer? (Thanks, Travicon)
Nintendo Fansite 4CR down (Come back soon)


  1. Zelda date is back to April 1 2006.

    Best Buy are a bunch of Monkeys.

  2. “Computer Games Online has learned that Nintendo has told developers that no GameCube titles can be released after May.”

    Okay, so say Zelda does come out in May .. why would they need to stop releasing GameCube titles at all if they’re going to work on the Revolution? Regular Xbox games are still coming out even now that the 360 is on the market.

  3. Cause Xbox development isn’t as similar to 360 development as Cube’s is to Rev’s. Developers can transpose all their Cube projects to Revolution as well as making the Rev’s backwards compatibility take over for the Cube so the GC can be phased out. Xbox still gets games cause the next gen war hasn’t started yet. Once Rev comes, and then PS3, all 3 current machines with either slow down (PS2) or die off (XB, GC).

  4. Twilight Princess on April Fool’s Day?

    Surely not……

  5. 4CR is a good site.

  6. Beyond that, it is a good site that isn’t down anymore.

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