Pink DS is Hot

If eBay is any judge, pink is the new black. Er, something like that. The Pearl Pink Nintendo DS is fetching huge premiums at online auctions. It sells for as much as $275, $125 over MSRP. Whether or not you think pink is hot, that price sure is.

How much would you be willing to pay to get your ideal color Nintendo DS?

[Source: Punch Jump]


  1. I would, more than gladly, change my ds for this pink one, but since it’s impossable to trade i can’t =(

  2. I got my white jap ds from for 150 bucks plus shipping. I cant tell the difference between a jap and american ds( other than the color the manual lang. and the ds’s language outta the box which can be changed to english)

  3. I’m damn pleased I traded my silver DS in for a pink one on release day ^^

    has anyone else noticed, that the US pink DS have black buttons and underside, but the UK DS have lovely white buttons and underside *is pleased to be a brit*

  4. Pink was quite fashionable for well off men to wear. Thankfully I think that fashion was quite short lived.

    Pink ain’t my colour, but I love a nice green one DS! 🙁

    *writes a letter to Father Christmas*

  5. hide, one of the most celebrated Japanese celebrities from what is called the most influential Japanese band of all time (X Japan) wore pink, had pink hair, obsessed about pink.

    Pink isnt the colour that North Americans make it out to be (gay) and i think the pink DS looks awesome, but I still love my Electric Blue DS.

    If there was a green DS I would skin it like Secret of Mana >> << >>

  6. I already have one! 🙂 My boyfriend imported it for me a while back so he could steal my silver one.

  7. I would pay probably $150 for an orange/black DS.

  8. The pink one is nice, but I’d pay double the starting price for an imported Mew DS.

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