Pause anywhere with Wii’s home button


I really dig the Wii’s home button. Not only does it give you quick access to system navigation, it can also serve as a superior “pause” button. No more having to wait through pesky cut scenes that traditional don’t allow for pausing due to developer controlled start buttons. I use the home button liberally now for game pausing.

And the Virtual Console’s suspend feature (again using the home button) is just stellar.

PSA: A delayed Infendo Radio will be hitting airwaves later tonight!


  1. Yeah, I’m a big fan of the Home Button too. Whenever I’m done with whatever game I was playing, be it Trauma Center or Red Steel, I push the Home button and check if I got mail, if any new games have been added on the Shop Channel, check if the Wii needs an update, etc. Makes the system that much more cohesive.

  2. Hmmm… I didn’t realize you could do that…

    Does it work with GameCube games too?

  3. Unfortunately, the one place the Home button doesn’t work is in Gamecube games (your Wiimote blinks at you, confused because it cannot find a Wii anywhere in the room).

    I, too used the Home button exclusively to pause, and even for gracefully exiting games before powering down the system (even though I know darn well I don’t need to.), until I got one of those trendy Wii Remote condoms that make it almost impossible to feel the face buttons on the remote.

    Digging my finger into the tiny, recessed hole to get to the Home button is too much work now, as is changing the batteries.