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Don’t call it a ‘best of’ list: my favorite Nintendo games of 2011

I can see you now. I bet you’re walking up to some store buying all of your end of the year celebration goodies. Confetti? Check. Fireworks? Absolutely. Some of you may even be looking for an adult beverage or two. The one thing you may be looking for that you can’t find in any stores is a list of top games on Nintendo consoles this year, and that’s where I come in. All around th...

Nintentunes: the best thing about any lazy Sunday

  Nintentunes this week has a very strong “not in America” flavor to it this week, so many gamers may not have experienced the titles features. But no matter, all of them have excellent music, and that is exactly what Nintentunes is all about! Join us as we explore the auditory sensation that is Nintentunes!

Nintentunes: Citizens on Patrol

This week’s edition of Nintentunes has heavy dose of RPG, perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of my import copy of Xenoblade. This may also be the reason why a game that has never seen the light of day outside of Japan is featured as well. Charlie Sheen also makes a cameo this week so what are you waiting for? Head past the br… was that the doorbell!?

Nintendo on Project Rainfall: We will be watching very closely what happens in Europe

While not everyone may be fans of traditional RPGs, there are many a gamer up in arms at the fact that they will not be able to play the games they wish to play. This is nothing new to gamers; in fact, I can remember at time when MOST of the game I wanted to play were only available to the Japanese speaking gamers among us. Shin Megami Tensei, Contra Spirits, Fire Emblem, Akumajo Dracula XX…...

Nintendo gives quake victims the gift of games

Nintendo of Japan has been quite generous to victims of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred this March to the tune of $3.6 million. Nintendo has been mum on the subject of other such donations, detailing that they did not feel that they should show their actions off to the world, and have a policy of not involving the media. A member of the Japanese Hachimaki Blog has post...

Nintentunes is here and ready to add some class to your weekend!

Another weekend brings another edition of Nintentunes. This week there is a strong helping of RPG titles in honor of Operation Rainfall. Don’t forget to drop us a comment below if you enjoy the Nintentunes series, and let us know what your favorite Nintendo music is!

Satoru Iwata has been listening, is not pleased with lack of games on Wii

It?s funny how much Nintendo has changed in the last decade. For the first time in its history, Nintendo was no longer the market leader as the Sony Playstation had broken onto the scene and easily ran away with the lion?s share of the console market. The Playstation 2 was beginning to pick up where its predecessor left off, and Nintendo was itself readying its own answer in the Gamecube.

Happy trails: Ten best Wii games remaining

Remember when consecutive vowels were the most confusing thing about a Nintendo system? Those bygone days when console names didn’t end with text messages? And U thought a remote seemed like a crazy idea. Nearly five years have passed since Nintendo launched its revolution, a small white console with a silly name that suddenly doesn’t seem quite so silly. Its pace may have slowed in re...

Now baking: The games Nintendo is making

IGN has published of list of confirmed and speculative Nintendo games in development. They are: Professor Layton 4 New Kirby (Wii) Paper Mario 3DS Xenoblade Chronicles Unknown game by NDCube, best known as second-party developer of F-Zero and Wii Party Mario Kart 3DS Animal Crossing 3DS Wii Play: Motion The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Pikmin 3 Super Mario 3DS Rhythm Heaven Wii Kid Icarus: Upris...

This Japanese Wii game boasts massive graphics

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAYBui5ghJ0[/youtube]If the above gameplay video is any indication, Xenoblade looks even bigger than Monster Hunter Tri. Or Shadow of the Colossus for that matter. Not that American gamers will necessarily get to play it; Xenoblade is made by Monolith Soft, the same studio that developed the International-only Disaster Day of Crisis for Wii. (via GAF)