Overheard at Infendo Headquarters: “I really do like our readers”

Last week, Infendo managing editor David Cole spoke oh so kindly of visitors to Infendo. “I really do like our readers,” he proudly said, in an unexpected email sent to staff. “It’s really nice to see some well thought out comments like this. This is definitely what makes Infendo unique.”

Without missing a bit, senior editor Jack Loftus quipped, “Yeah, then a non-contributing douche bag like [name withheld] mucks it all up. I wonder what it’s like to have no life whatsoever.”

I know I speak for everyone at Infendo when I say we love both kinds of readers. The former are more welcome, but we’ll take the good with the bad any day. Reader participation truly is Infendo’s biggest asset, so thanks for visiting’whether an intellectual, a fanboy, or even a troll.

Now I’m off to counting all this money Nintendo so generously decided to share with us. All in a day’s work.