One thing Netflix needs to fix”¦

I love Netflix on Wii, especially the improved no-disc-required version. The company recently announced its commitment to greatly increasing the rate at which it adds new films and shows to the service, with an eye toward eventually phasing out DVDs altogether.

While they’re at it, I hope they address a nonsensical quirk in the interface’One that ignores the fact that many subscribers only watch the instant streaming offerings and are constantly checking the “New Release” virtual shelf.

Here’s the problem: If there’s a DVD-only title you love, and you give it a good star rating (Netflix wants you to do this to help them recommend titles for you), a funny thing happens when that movie or show finally arrives for instant streaming: Netflix won’t include it in the “New Arrivals” announcements. No, that movie you’re waiting for just eventually (maybe) shows up toward the bottom of the category listings, filed under “Watch it Again.”

So the service keeps proudly spotlighting cruddy low-budget horror films and Barney episodes while big films I actually told Netflix I love–like Iron Man, Ponyo, Alice in Wonderland and Star Trek–get no arrival announcement at all.

It’s a minor gripe about a great service, but enough with the hide and seek interface! Have any of you had that “What the”¦How long has that been there?!?” experience with Netflix?