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The word is out. We’ve got a nice little selection coming our way soon. Let’s start off right with the new Zelda. Nuff said. Then there is the fancy WarioWare Twisted. This game looks really interesting and Gamespot has already given it a really good review. I thought it might be gimmicky, but they claim the mechanic never loses it’s touch.

Batman Returns looks pretty impressive. It will probably bomb though as all Batman titles seem to. Mario Soccer and Baseball could be fun. Nothing groundbreaking but you can always expect a smile from those series. A few others, Mario Tennis GBA, Electroplankton, and Nintendogs I’ve heard has been getting very good reviews at E3.

What games are you excited about? Are there any sleepers out of the bunch?

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  1. I’m impressed that Nintendo has 50 games coming out for the DS. I will probably buy one when the first price drop happens. My first thought about the DS was a bit silly but now I’ve played with it a few times and I love it. I sorta wish I could get two one for me and one for my husband. Using picto chat with wifi while he’s at work and I’m at home could be a lot of fun! Also the clip I saw for Super Mario Bros it had Mario and luigi on the same screen playing semitones! Playing Super Mario Bros with two player at the same time has always been a dream of mine.

    Zelda looks breath taking. I’m 1/3 trough Zelda-The Wind Waker I’ll have to get it finished before The Twilight Princess is released.

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