Old School Revolution

Mario is dead. The Mushroom Kingdom is distraught. The Nintendo world is in a tailspin, their place atop the hill relinquished to their competitors. Under the leadership of Master Chief, Nintendo’s most devious enemies try to destroy what’s left of the old school. In a last ditch effort, Luigi rallies all friends, and former nemeses, from years past to take back what was once theirs. Some uncertain, all vengeful, they set out to put the lustful, blood-loving miscreants out of business.

They’ll do it for the sake of the future. For Mario…

Video here.

[Thanks Kris! Source: IFILM]


  1. Wow.


  2. That would make such a great video game. Too bad it would never happen.

  3. That was overly Cheesey, but that’s why I found it funny.

  4. I was expecting a bad ass battle scene but got bill gates. Should of had Halo guys having an arial dog fight agains samus’ gunship and a vehical battle with DK shooting shells at halo RV’s

  5. A “bad ass battle scene” as you put it would have downplayed the actual message of the story.

    And it would’ve been hard as heck to draw.

  6. jajaja yeap i agree with you, simple is better……..actually funnier ………..you now, like nintendo 😀

  7. “downplayed the actual message of the story.”

    i just thought more about it. Your right. It was about things not having to be violent.

    When I make a movie or a short I usually have one scene that drives me to make the whole thing, and I was feeling a cross console war. But yeah, it worked and I cannot complain. I was just thinking onto a keyboard.

  8. I completely expected Luigi to whip out a freehand/revmote controller at the end.

    I’m getting more and more convinced that the Revolution’s name shouldn’t change.

  9. It was a funny movie although I disagree with the idea that violent videogames inherently have bad gameplay,although in Halo’s case it’s true (the auto-aim makes the game pathetic)

    Note-worthy violent games with great gameplay

    Prince of Persia
    Splinter Cell
    Devil May Cry
    MGS series

  10. I liked it a lot
    nice job to the person whom came up with that.


  11. *wipes away tear and solutes Ninty flag, Zelda music plays in background*

    Great hand drawn video, must’ve taken ages to make lol.


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