Official Zelda Remake

Will Nintendo ever release an official remake of the 1987 classic, The Legend of Zelda? We’re thinking that a new stylized version patterned after Metroid: Zero Mission with Minish Cap looks would do the trick. C’mon Miyamoto & Friends! That mug would sell like hot cakes.

[Image courtesy of Zelda Classic]


  1. Well, they did release the original
    LOZ on the LOZ Collector’s Edition promotional disc for GameCube. I guess it’s not a remake with grahical upgrades, but they have offered something.

  2. After Zero Mission, i want every friggin 1st game of every friggin franchise ever to get remade. That game rules ur face.

  3. I have no doubt that they will have it for download on Revolution, and probably are working on it now. If they are mysteriously “updating” SMB, Link can’t be far behind.

  4. That’s prob what they have all those devs with “small budgets and big ideas” doing.

  5. A remake would rock, but I just beat the original not to long ago, and it was great.

    What I’d really like to see if a movie based off the original Zelda. Sure, it would prolly be real bad, but I still yearn for it.

  6. Dude! That would totally rock!

  7. Well, seeing how the original game is something of a disappointment in these Minish Times, I can’t see how it’d be done without seriously altering the game to the point where you wouldn’t recognize it very much.

  8. I’ll just wait for the Rev…
    Ahhh the Rev’s gonna rule teh w0rld 😉

  9. Disappointment isn’t the word. It’s dated is what it is.

  10. The original is fun from a nostalgic standpoint, but I have to agree it’s pretty dated. Out of all the items you get only a few are truely useful more than once or twice. The seeds are certainly there for the later greater games, but unless they did some major overhauling a simple graphical update wouldn’t hide how dated the game is.

  11. Yes, it would. I haven’t really gotten into Zelda 1 until about a year ago, and I’d have to say that it is tied with LttP for my favorite in the series. In most games, exploration either means going from point A to point B or running around in circles. Zelda 1 was one of the few games in which exploring a vast environment was actually fun.

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