Not The New DS…

I don’t want to turn Infendo into a photo blog, but apparently Kohls is selling this crap of a DS knock off with t-shirts. Go figure.


  1. HA! Hilarious.

    I work at Kohl’s, and am currently unavailable, as I’m pursuing another line of work. I mostly hate their clothes (except for the occasional Nintendo stuff, actually), and these boys’ shirts are no exception. They’re always packaged with some cheap toy, a gimmick to sell crap shirts and crapper toys to spoiled kids.

    MAN I’m glad my other line of work is doing nicely! I was so sick of that place after three years.

    Back on topic: imitation is a sincere form of flattery, but this goes to show how great marketing people are at selling things. They got pretty detailed in this “replica”–it even has an indentation where the mic should be. Whatever sells, right?


  2. Nintendo should sue them…

  3. Rudeboyz? Is this some sort of Game-and-Watch ska game?

  4. Ha. No.

    Think nowhere near as addictive as anything Game-and-Watch, and using a ska word to attract rebellious 12-year-olds who know nothing of ska (or music in general).

  5. Wow Nintendo and ska in one topic? I am truely in heaven! I’m also glad I’m not the only one who thought about those kind of Rudeboys when I read this.

    This post brought to you by the smoothe sounds of Westbound Train.

  6. Oh, dollar stores. You have crappy versions of everything.

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