Non-Gamer’s Wii Love Story

My girlfriend Johanna is a script-writer, DJ, and a chef, but she has never called herself a gamer. Sure, her dusty GameBoy Pocket and the occasional DDR match prove that she’s flirted with the idea of getting into video-games, but she has never showed any real drive to get into the gaming world. That is until two nights ago, when at four in the morning, Johanna drove to a Target store in Manhattan Beach to wait in line to purchase a Wii later that morning. Did Johanna show any interest in the PS3 or any other current gen console? No. It was but a single Wii commercial, showcasing how the Wii was played that drove her to get a Wii at launch, no matter what the cost, be it sleep, gas, or otherwise.
Her tale is as follows:
Eager with anticipation I drove to the Target closest to home in the wee hours of the night, but alas there were about sixty people already in line and only sixty units available. I had heart palpitations as I drove to a further away Target- Manhattan Beach- recieving 120 units. It paid off, and at 4 am I was number 59 in line. Number 1 had been there since 6 pm. By the time the doors opened there were unfortunately more people in line than Wii’s to go around. The crowd was friendly and amped and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.
Opening the box, my eyes were treated to an aesthetic smorgasbord, the Wii was much smaller than I imagined and very sleek and stylish. Much to my surprise, it was easy to set up and Wii Sports was quite fun and user-friendly. The controller still blows my mind, it takes gaming to another level because of how interactive it is. I’m really excited to build-up a collection of games and get more accustomed to Wii. I think it totally lived up to it’s hype, the Wii is worth every second of the wait.

image stolen from Je-Pu-Pu