NOA Marketing shakeup – Perrin Kaplan replaced by Princess Peach

peach.jpgIt seems like Perrin Kaplan is no longer acting as the Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America.  In a recent post on, a new spokesperson for the company, Princess Peach, informs us of new NPD sales data:

Oh, my! All this attention is enough to make a girl blush!

As a princess I’m used to being adored, but this is just too much! I know I’m probably sounding like a broken record, but once again my friends at the NPD Group are telling me that Wii and Nintendo DS finished May as the most popular systems in the United States.

Nintendo headquarters had not confirmed this change in their team in time for publication of this article.

Peach is great and everything, but were I in Reggie’s shoes, I would’ve hired Daisy for the job.  She seems to have her act together and seems to be kidnapped far less than Peach.