No Worldwide Revolution Launch?

An unconfirmed source is reporting that the Revolution will not see a worldwide launch this year. GamerNode writes: “According to a Bloomberg news report, Iwata has stated that the worldwide launch is no longer a path Nintendo plans to follow. He said, ‘We don’t think it’s necessary to do the simultaneous worldwide launch simply because others are doing this.’ Iwata did indicate, however, that the Revolution would launch in 2006, although he did not give a firm date on when it would be released.”

Just get it here in 2006, eh?


  1. Yeah right. All of a sudden, everyones got exclusive details from iwata, a guy that had just a important keynote last week. Why not wait for details one more month for E3????

  2. it’ll be out in the U.S. by thanksgiving…. im counting on that… because i can’t wait to play tp on my revolution asap.

  3. I’m glad they’re not having a global launch. Everybody whined and complained about the shortages when MS did the global 360 launch.

  4. They should just release it tomorrow…

  5. they should release this and every game console thats popular including the 360 and PS3 all as a global launch. altho ofcoarse not 360, ps3 and GC at once but u know… that way we can all find out which sold better where! but any ways, revo. looks good. i like the several colors and cool blue disc insert glow. any ways, i like!

  6. Another Iwata quote taken out of context. I think he simply meant that Nintendo wasn’t gonna handle it in the same way. Just a week or two ago, he said that he knew why Microsoft failed with the 360’s global launch strategy and knows how Nin can do it better, but was keeping those secrets to himself so as to not aid the competition. Add that to his declaration of a 14 week worldwide Rev rollout and we got ourselves a tight and proper launch window.

  7. 14 weeks is still a long time. That’s like two and a half months. Don’t know how “tight” the window has to be in order to be considered simultaneous.

  8. Thats three and a half months guys, anyways, you know youll be getting it first eh.

    🙁 Think a trip to the US is in order eh.

  9. Though I understand if Nintendo has to release Revolution in 2007 for Europe it doesn’t mean I’m going to forgive them for it. :-[

  10. On a side note, will you be able to leave memory cards in the GCN slot on the Rev with the door open? I sincerely hope so. Not like the DS Lite where GBA carts stick out of the bottom.

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