No wireless? No problem (for a fee)

Wireless connectivity is a wonderful invention. It allows be to blog in the bathtub; while haphazardly running about my apartment; and while watching Spike TV MacGyver/Blade/Star Trek marathons on Fridays.

But, some people aren’t on the 802.11g train yet, and the lack of any kind of Ethernet port on the back of the Wii might have had them sweating a bit as launch day draws near. Fear not, however, as Nintendo has come through much in the same way as it did with the DS.

Nintendo has revealed that it will release an Ethernet Kit for Wii, which will allow gamers to connect the console to a standard internet router without wireless support.

And… from CVG: Those of you who connect your DS to the internet with the Nintendo WiFi Connector can use the same device to connect the Wii. And most wireless routers will also be compatible with the Wii’s built-in WiFi technology.

Now, for those of you have not even discovered the Intenet yet, this still presents a problem, as does the fact that you somehow managed to find and read this blog without that capability.