No Holiday Price Cuts?

Chris Morris writes: “One final note for holiday 2005 shoppers: While No Holiday Price Cuts?Nintendo seems set to be a price spoiler next year, don’t look for the GameCube, Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS to get any cheaper this year. There is “nothing planned right now” in terms of price cuts, according to Fils-Aime.”

Maybe Nintendo will change their mind about holiday price cuts at the last minute. What’s Christmas without gaming price cuts?

[Source: CNN/Money]


  1. Easter.

  2. wouldn’t it make more profit sense to stay hush about price cuts

  3. Instead of price cuts I think they choose to bundle Games in with the systems.

    I was able to get a really nicely done book for free from Nintedo at EB games called Winter Catolgue 2005. If you can find one pick it up. It has info and pics for every new game coming out this year.

    One thing to point out Sony and Microsoft are not doing price cuts either.

  4. That’s exactly what you would say if you WERE doing price cuts. Price cut is always a surprise and a way to maximize profits.

    It throws off your competitors, and it keeps buyers buying at the higher price rather than waiting for the cut. A micro cut is coming…

  5. Please check out the blog I’m sure that the author will like it.

    Nintendo and profits go together like ice cream and cake for the birthday that you have always wanted.

  6. I wonder if there will be any more new Player’s CHoice games before 2006. I’m hoping for Resident Evil 4!

  7. RE4 on the Cube did poorly for such a big game. I think it only sold about 200k. Idaknow when that’s gonna get the yellow label.

  8. price cuts aren’t necessary on anything… micro is said to be limited edition essentially making it a ‘pay or don’t play’ system… the other systems are all cheap already… if we’re buying… they’ll keep on charging… price cuts are to reinvigorate a waning market… nintendo’s market is healthy as ever… this isn’t to say price cuts wont happen… but i wouldn’t count on it…

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