Nintendo’s Role In Sony’s Fall

Analysts have been predicting PS3 dominance in the next-gen mostly based on current gen sales, but here’s one author who takes a less analytical approach and comes up with something different in this article titled Nintendo’s Role in Sony’s Fall.

Consisting of a 13 step timeline on how events in the next generation may unfold, the article states in step 9:

Nintendo adopts a policy of “non-compete.” Instead of developing the Nintendo Revolution into a system that offers competing features with the 360 and PS3, Nintendo introduces features that set the system apart. By keeping the price of the Revolution low and offering high quality exclusive games that are not available on the other systems, Nintendo creates a system that can co-exist with either the 360 or PS3 … The goal is not to out perform the other systems, but to be different enough that the competition does not exist.

It’s doesn’t put Nintendo on top, but the article does paint a rosy picture for the company.