Nintendo’s E3 Code

Nintendo has just posted an E3 press release with a hidden meaning. Literally. Among the press relase, upper case letters are dispersed seemingly at random. The release promises that the code will deliver the secrets of E3. Unfortunately, it comes up flat.

The stream of uppercase letters is “UBJQL CNEQAREF JNL GB PENPX GUR PBQR OHG LBH JVYY UNIR GB JNVG GB SVAQ BHG NOBHG JVV JBAG LBH ABN EHSHF” which using a cryptology method know as ROT-13 (replaces each letter by its partner 13 characters further along the alphabet) is decrypted to “HOWDY PARDNERS WAY TO CRACK THE CODE BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT TO FIND OUT ABOUT WII WONT YOU NOA RUFUS”.

While it was kinda fun, I have to wonder if Nintendo is being just plain mean at this point. Come on, throw us a bone, or is there another code buried yet deeper somewhere on the Nintendo site…

[Thanks MisterInvisible!]