Nintendo’s back… but can they hang on?

GigaGamez has an interesting little piece examining how Nintendo can keep its newly found mojo. From the article on how to keep the home console momentum: “The first thing they should do is in two to three years introduce a $249-$300 Wii 2 that is capable of HD graphics, that supports the winner of the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD battle, and, most importantly, is completely backwards compatible with the Wii remote and the nunchuk. This would give them an HD console at a price that should still be competitive with PS3 and 360, but still takes full advantage of what makes the Wii so much fun.”

It’s interesting to note as one angry commenter point’s out in the very same post, “Nintendo’s biggest problem, according to all this, is the utter incompetence of everyone else, solvable only by holding everbody’s hand through the magical land of Nintendo.”