Nintendogs To Hit Europe

The widely successful Nintendogs DS game will be launching in Europe this Friday. To commemorate, Nintendo is promoting a London event to help get people excited. Dogs are welcome and the first 50 people at the event will get a copy of Nintendogs for free. The company will also be giving out doggy bags of Nintendo swag, including another free DS game.

You think the title will be as big in Europe as it has been in the US and Japan?

[Source: Kikizo]


  1. I hope so, then it can dig back into the PSPs sales, and hopefully be the no1 came this coming christmas!

  2. I think it might be bigger than it is in the States.

  3. with the psp already launched in europe and the little mentality of european people I see it really hard… but I hope it will be a big hit also in europe…

  4. I hope Her Majesty gets one. I would love to play Sonic Rush with her =)

  5. I got it !
    On Thursday hehe Saturn is EVIL 😉

    Well, all I can say is: Great game, really a lot of fun and soooo sweet 😉

    Oh yeah and I have never seen as many units of a single game on shelf since The Sims 2 launched.
    So I bet it’s selling well.

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