Nintendogs: Still Playing

It’s been a little over a month now since the US release of Nintendogs, and I’m still hooked. Granted, I only pick it up every now and then for maybe 20-30 minutes, but it’s still a blast to play. Throwing a digital frisbee couldn’t have been programmed with more precision. It just never seems to get old.

There are areas of the game I still haven’t delved deep into like obedience trials. Mostly ’cause I’m having fun just playing with the lifelike puppies. For you Nintendog owners out there, is this game still heavy in your rotation? Why, why not?

Also, I’m always scouting out new dog names, so I’ll post mine below if you’ll do the same. Here’s to continued game innovation like this one and the upcoming Electroplankton.


  1. Max, Jasper, T-Bone, Dutches, Sandy, Hootch, Dana, Trixie. Pretty standard I know…

  2. I still have my original 3: Gato, Laika, and Alex.

  3. Cool

  4. Ike,Reggie and Roy 🙂

    I still play with em before school, and at night, but other than that, I don’t have much time for much gaming at all.

    But at the Fusion Tour this week, I plan on bringing along Nintendogs and fooling around with Bark Mode.

  5. Oh yea? Are you in Texas or somewhere else?

  6. Well, I just got my DS a few days ago, and with it, Nintendogs. It’s a blast. Realy cool stuff. I have Sibirian Husky named Oscar. He rocks.

  7. I don’t have Nintendogs, but my real life dog is named Scuba Doo.

  8. I imported Nintendogs from Japan a month or so before the US release. I named him “The Governor”. Since I did import it I was almost 100% going to get the US release but instead I got Advanced Wars because they were launched the same day. So I still haven’t gotten the US version. But my girlfriend did and she still plays it very regularly. I don’t really play my import because I still don’t know a lot of things about it =(

  9. i still play mine everyday, it hasnt gotten old yet.
    names: maxwell, alice, princess

    for some reason it wouldnt accept scoots

  10. Yep, still playing here, too.

    My doggies are named Gem, Sonata, Lute, and Aria. And Lute wags her butt to “Sony”.

  11. I just picked up a copy today. Awesome. My dog’s name is Kain.

  12. My dogs are Trixie, Slink, and Grover. Trixie barks when I say that Nintendo’s da bomb.

  13. Mine is getting a little old, but it’s fun to pick up now and then.

    I have 5 dogs… their breeds/names are:

    1. Shiba Inu – Kirby
    2. German Shepherd Dog – Akira
    3. Jack Russell Terrier – Phoenix
    4. Siberian Husky – Sheik
    5. Miniature Pinscher – Nayru

  14. I don’t have it yet 🙁 Still not out. One week to go ! 😀
    But I’m going to name my dog Pluto 😉

  15. My girlfriend and I share a white labrador named Boba!

  16. I call my Boxer ‘Soren’ and have a Cavalier I just bought and called it Kimmy.

    Soren is the God of War and I’ve always thought it would make a cool name for a dog when I got one when I’m older – I flit between uni and home at the minute so it isn’t the right time for me to buy a real dog, therefore Nintendogs has come at a perfect time 😀

    (UK reader)

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