Nintendogs Sales Figures

Excuse the excess number of posts, but it looks like Nintendogs has been moving units as well as DS systems in the US. Nintendo announced that they sold 250,000 copies of the game in the US during it’s first week. This represents 15% of all DS owners which is an adoption rate unprecedented for a gaming system.

Welcome to the next generation.

[Source: Gamasutra]


  1. Way to go Nintendo!

    I enjoy reading good news like this, because it proves (and maybe it’s going to send a message to all producers and distributors) that good innovative games will sale!

    Bring us more!

  2. Go Nintendo, it’s your birthday.

  3. Shiggy’s still got it! lol

  4. YAY NINTENDO!!! i’l open up a bottle of booze to celebrate

  5. Great news that the Nintendogs virus works in the US too 😉
    I can’t wait to see Europes reaction..

  6. I am not suprised at teh strong sales for Nintendogs, it started out as two great ideas married into one awesome game, it takes virtual pets to a new for front, the virtual pet is life like in a very creepy way where you as the user become almost emotionally attached to such pet in a similar way you would in real life.

    Not using the game birngs about the feeling of abndonment to your pet and thus you feel gealty and pick the game up to make sure it is fed and happy.

    Now only if real pet owners could show such attachment and not neglect their pet.

    Great game, great experiance, Great Idea.

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