Nintendogs and Beyond

Infendo’s own Chris (FireEmblem54) was recently chosen to participate in a select Nintendogs study conducted by the Big N. All the basic questions were found, but the survey also contained the following: “Would you be interested in new versions/expansions to Nintendogs?” Listed options included “new contests, new items, new breeds, and new types of animals.”

We’ve heard of the rumored NintenCats, but bringing in other additional animals? Imagine cats, dogs, birds, etc mixed into one game. That could make for an even more appealing trainer experience, although I’m not too sure about chillin’ cats.

Would you be interested in new versions/expansions to Nintendogs?


  1. I was also chosen to take the survey. tbh, I don’t really feel the need to buy another version of Nintendogs… the game is cute and all but after a while of owning it and unlocking pretty much everything, I’ve run out of stuff to do.

    One of the things they asked about was whether new trials would interest me (i.e. more than just disc, agility, and obedience), which they certainly would. I know it’s supposed to be more of a pet simulator than a game, but it should have more challenging game elements too.

  2. Yeah, There were a ton of questions on wether or not we wanted to see other pet / animal simulators,and new games with Bark mode in it.

    I spent the time to fill out the survey too, it was long and grueling but I am happy Nintendo is interested in know what their gamers want.

  3. I for one, would not be interested… Dogs do more than cats, birds, etc… I can just imagine looking at a sleeping cat on my DS… Hmmm… Where is the fun in that?

  4. I got to do the survey, too. I’m not really that interested in more versions of Nintendogs unless they add tons and tons of new features. While Nintendogs is fun, I’d rather see more new types of games come out. :]

  5. I think the “select group” Nintendo was talkin about was pretty much every My Nintendo member.

    The survey actually got me to turn on my copy for the first time in a couple weeks to answer some of them questions.

  6. i’d totally play nintencats. you could, uh, clean littboxes and, uh, try to trim their nails…. and maybe watch them nap?

  7. I don’t like dogs much, but the concept of Nintendogs interested me. I’m a cat lover myself, I just don’t know what kind of activities they could include… Maybe an unlockable “cat-nip” mode…

  8. No Nintendaardvarks.

  9. I was also asked to do this survey and let me tell you, it really took the 20 minutes they said it would. Since it was Nintendo, I made it a point to be honest and aware for the full length.


  11. Hamsters are nocturnal. You’d never get any sleep.

    I’m waiting for Nintengirls.

  12. Wouldn’t Kittendo be a better name?

  13. “I’m waiting for Nintengirls.”

    You’d never get any sleep.

  14. I told them to make Revolution version where you transfer your DS dogs to the new game.

  15. I’d like to see more breeds. I myself use to own a Basset Hound.

  16. i think the idea is cool and i will buy it if it comes out

  17. I think there should just be an expansion with new breeds but still allowing you to have your dogs.

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