Nintendo Won’t be at Tokyo Games Show?

According to the exhibitors list on the show’s website, Nintendo won’t be there. When will they show the goodness that is the Revolution with it’s accompanying controller?

CVG is reporting that Nintendo does tend to skip this show to host it’s own event later in the summer, so hopefully they’ll show the final system and controller then.

Still, we’re dying here… Throw us a bone Ninny.

[Source: CVG]


  1. Omfg, nintendo is making me crazy…

  2. Spaceworld…

  3. They didn’t go to the TGS last year, and there was no Spaceworld last year.

  4. I think they will do a Spaceworld for the Revolution, because they said, all the info on the Rev is going to be revealed this year….
    So TGS was their last chance besides a SpaceWorld….

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