Report: Nintendo Will Not Hold Major E3 Presser This Year

Shigeru Miyamoto

Speaking with investors, Satoru Iwata mentioned about scaling down the glitz and glamour of major E3 press conferences in favor of smaller events.

“Unlike previous years, we will not have a large-scale [E3] presentation directed to everyone in the world. Instead, we are planning several smaller events focusing on software for America. Among these hands-on events will be one for American distributors and another for western media.”

Shocking to say the least.

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11 Responses to Report: Nintendo Will Not Hold Major E3 Presser This Year

  1. MikeIsaPoet says:

    *jaw drops*

    Dammit Iwata, this is your first move as global CEO?

    Say whaaaat.

  2. MikeIsaPoet says:

    After letting the info soak in, I don’t really mind this so much.

    My only complaint is while I didn’t care at all for the talk about “paradigms” or whatever motto they come up with year-to-year, I think we can all agree as humans that we love flashy shows and stuff, and Nintendo always had flair in their conferences; probably because they were being aired live. Now they probably won’t be livestreamed, but that’s okay as long as I get juicy info about stuff.

  3. Harrison Milfeld says:

    The flashy events will be missed, but as long as the company gets the point across. The state of the Wii U is grim at best and going up against its competition’s newest consoles reveals would be a daunting task.

  4. mcase says:

    I just read this article and can not believe what I read. So Nintendo will not at all be at E3? Is that what I understand? Or they will, but just not have a press conference . I am confused. What does this mean to Wii U? Nintendo can not affort do know show up at E3? Dam, they have a much biggere uphill battle for them now even mmore. I don’t know , Nintendo, I don’t know. I think you better give Wii U owneers a very very very very very very big readon to keep their Wii U systmes . I think tha tthe PS4 is gonna crush you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mcase says:

    Does this Mwan that Nintendo is going out of business???????!!!! Don’t do this Nintendo, You need to hold a press conference.

  6. mcase says:

    I c all over agian. an’t believe this. I repeat, I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is E3 2008 all over again. Nintendo, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???????????? This is a HuUUUUUUUGE mistake.

  7. Keith says:

    Everyone seems to forget that the past 2 years Nintendo has gotten nothing but criticism for their conferences.

  8. Lou says:

    I’d say this is a sign that Nintendo is just going to bail on the Wii U. Basically, Sony and Microsoft are going to be showing off new consoles and Nintendo is just getting out of the way.

    Whoever green-lighted this idiotic gamepad controller needs to be fired. How much R&D was pumped into it that could have been spent on games? They should have gone with a more powerful console and better launch lineup. Hugely disappointed right now.

  9. Harrison M. says:

    This news doesn’t mean that Nintendo won’t be at E3 this year. They’re just moving away from a major press conference and focusing on smaller events.

  10. EdEN says:

    Nintendo will be showcasing at the E3 floor and games will be there, but they won’t have a huge 1-2 hour conference. Nothing wrong with that if we get monthly Nintendo Direct on new and upcoming releases and the odd surprise announcement (like the sequel to A Link To The Past).

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