Nintendo Wii: Instant Hit or Not?

We have only one week to go until gamers get their hands on the Wii at this year’s E3. I would argue this is a turning point for Nintendo on the home console front. Their portable’s are doing wonders, but can the company return to high market share or even remain a solid competitor in the home console industry?

I’m extremely anxious to discover how the Wiimote will interact with Nintendo’s demo software, or better yet, near-final games. I really hope it works, not only as a Nintendo fan, but for the forward progress of the entire industry. If anything, even a slight learning curve like unto Metroid Prime Hunters would be a huge success in terms of playability, but my thoughts reflect on when the DS was first unveiled at E3 2004. The DS got off to a slow start, but look where it is now. The same might happen with Wii if some still feel a little weary about it after next week’s expo.

I guess the point of this post would be to ask if you think the Wii will be an instant hit come next week? Or worse for Nintendo home enthusiasts, an instant failure if the unique hardware fails to deliver an enjoyable and functional gameplay experience?