Nintendo stops producing GameCube systems and games [or not?]

Nintendo has stopped producing GameCubes and will not release any new first-party games for the system. I think I just cried a little. Well, it makes sense, really, but *sniff* it’s still a little sad.

As for other companies making new games for the Cube, Infendo Forums poster Alucard clued us in on a new shoot-em-up coming out in March called Radio Allergy. And it’s “Wii Compatible”! IGN lists a few more GameCube titles still coming down the road, but they’re all movie tie-ins or sports ports.

Do you think that there’s still a viable market for new GameCube software, or should developers just concentrate on Wii games?

Over at EuroGamer, they have word from a Nintendo UK rep who says that the GameCube is not out of production. If their apparently anonymous source is to be believed, this is just another example of Perrin making up things as she goes along. So, do I create a “Perrin-ism” tag or just stop making posts that feature her? In a way it’s entertaining, but it’s almost ridiculous at this point.

[From GameDaily via Spong via MCV UK. Thanks, Dr. Blakenstein!]