Nintendo “steering in the direction of WiiWare” in wake of low VC sales

nescontroller4ad1Wonder where the new Virtual Console releases have been? According to wordpress blog “GameBag” writer Jorge, they’ve been passed over in favor WiiWare’s higher sales.  Jorge asked a Nintendo customer service representative, who reportedly said:

“We understand your concern about the lack of service on the VC as of late. Due to sales numbers being far greater recently on Wiiware than on Virtual Console, we have decided to steer in the direction of WiiWare.
Also, we in America have NO plans to update the Internet Channel or the Nintendo Channel. We hope you understand”

Blunt, to the point, and heartbreaking. I feel like Nintendo just broke up with my inner-child. The statement by no means signifies the end of Virtual Console, but it’s disheartening all the same.  Still, there’s a bight side – a WiiWare focused Nintendo means more great Nintendo exclusive downloadable content – let’s just hope the retro dry spell doesen’t last long.

[gamebag via gonintendo]