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Nothing goes better with a DS than a Euro bullet train. Or is that a Euro bus? Either way, nice to see folk out in public sporting a DS. But have you ever sported Nintendogs in the streets?


  1. I just bought a Pink DS Nintendogs bundle here in the US- along with Trauma Center- but whenever I go out, I only take Trauma Center… I love Nintendogs but I’m embarassed to start yelling and blowing into my DS in a public place ;’0

  2. Yes I did
    I played Nintendogs out there in the streets, but unfortunately it seemed no one was carring around his puppies…
    oh well, I’m 29 and it was very funny to see other people faces when they saw my two dogs…ehehehehe ^__^

  3. I sometimes carry mine around with nintendogs in bark mode but with no luck 🙁

  4. I saw three university students playing Nintendogs on the bus a couple of weeks ago, here in Brisbane, Australia. Too bad I didn’t have my DS handy.

  5. I always have my Nintendogs with me. I put it into bark mode at the mall but I haven’t had any luck!

    I was in Bark Mode at DigitalLife. I didn’t meet anyone new but my sister and her b-friend did! 🙁

    BTW, Hello DJ – U can do other stuff with your pups without yelling and blowing! I usually take them for walks and train them for the agility and disk trials.

  6. Aw, Muffingal! I had my dogs with me at DigiLife too. I was actually using Pictochat, then stashed it cause i didn’t see any other DSs. That place was a bummer. You shoulda come up to me. ^_^

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