Nintendo Spotting

Infendo reader Benjamin snags a pic of his 14-month old daughter playing some old school Pac Man on the GBA SP. Starting ’em young.


  1. wut the hell 🙂 too young but she does have a good grip on the gbasp.. good luck to her

  2. That’s really cute!

    My fourteen-month old daughter also loves playing with the handhelds, but she favors the DS. I’m going to have to find a way to post a picture of her making the little guy in AC run around with the stylus. She loves that game!!

  3. Following in Grandma’s footsteps!

  4. 14 months wow…
    I waited till my boys were at least 3 before they could play on my N64. Both my sons love Mario 64 and Podracer. Now my 4 year old can beat me in Mario Kart on the Gamecube. I can’t wait till I buy a Revolution and see them move the controller around and things move on the screen. It’s going to be as fun as when I picked up an NES controller up for the first time.

    As to starting them young? YES, I’m hoping that they will learn to love and appreciate Nintendo when they are young and maybe they will find Grand Theft Auto and Blood Bath 3000 unappealing when they are 12. Plus I think playing Video games is better then watching TV. Kids watching TV just sit there like zombies when they’re playing a games they are talking to each other, solving puzzles and using they’re brains. But only for a 1 hour a day.

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